Agricultural Engineering

Agriculture is improved by utilizing the engineering technologies. The basic and advanced  technology improvement in different disciplines like, Soil and water conservation, Farm machinery and power, Renewable energy and Post harvest technologies are learnt in the department. It helps to improve the yield and enhances the quality of food products.

Facilities available

Surveying and levelling instruments are available. Some of the instruments are,

  • Prismatic compass with tripod stand
  • Dumpy level with tripod stand
  • Ranging rod
  • Abney level
  • Cross staff
  • 20 and 30 m chains


Other soil and water conservation instruments

  • Soil testing kit
  • Sieve analyser


Farm machinery implements

  • Seed cum fertilizer drill
  • Cultivators
  • Leveller
  • Rotavators
  • Rotary weeder
  • Cono weeder and Dryland weeders
  • Power tillers
  • Tractors


Food process engineering equipment’s,

  • Electrical resistance moisture meter
  • Electrical capacitance moisture meter
  • Infra red moisture meter