The branch of agronomy comes under the department of crop management.  Agronomy is the science of handling crops and the soil as to produce highest possible quantity and quality of the desired crop product from each unit of land,water and light with a minimum of immediate or future expense in soil management and production inputs.  The unique contribution of agronomy as a discipline is to provide the integration of physical,chemical and biological knowledge into useful production systems.  Improved crop production is the successful application of ever changing agricultural technology to enhance the productivity of crops.

Agrometeorological knowledge has immense practical utility in mitigating weather hazards on crop production.  B type observatory has been installed and various weather parameters are observed and documented regularly.


          The Vision of the department is to impart futuristic high-tech agricultural education, instill discipline and set global standards making agriculture graduates technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of farmers and transform agriculture as most economical and business oriented one.


          Towards effective attainment of the vision, the department strives to impart value based agricultural education with updated knowledge through credit based system.


          It deals with scientific facts in relation to environment in which crops are produced.  Knowledge of such basic principles aids in modifying the controllable environmental factors of crop production for realizing the production potentials of cultivars.  Sound knowledge of agronomic principles helps the agronomists in realising optimum yields at minimum cost without degrading the soil productivity.

Facilities and infrastructure                                  

ACAR experimental farm (wetland, irrigated upland)

Crop cafeteria

Meteorology observatory (Class B type)

Farm field lab (Agronomy)

Agronomy laboratory

Farmers training hall (75 seat capacity)


Research work on Evaluation of Redgram Genotype CRG-2012-25 in Hosur Ecosystem.


Courses Offered in Agronomy

Year Semester Course code Course title Credit load
I I AGR 101 Fundamentals of Agronomy and Agricultural Heritage 1+1
II AGR 102 Introductory Agro-Meteorology and Climate Change 1+1
II III AGR 201 Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif crops) 1+1
III AGR 202 Study Tour 0+1
IV AGR 203 Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops ) 1+1
IV AGR 204 Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture 1+1
III V AGR 301 Practical Crop Production- I (Kharif crops) 0+2
V AGR 302 Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management 1+1
VI AGR 303 Practical Crop Production -II (Rabi crops) 0+2
VI AGR 304 Principles of Organic Farming 1+1
VI OPT 301 i.Production Technology of Field Crops

ii.Weed and Water Management

IV VIII EXP Development of Integrated Farming System Model 0+10