Variety : ADT 53 Date of sowing: 23.09.2019

Season : Sep –Dec

Date of transplanting: 21.10.2019

Duration : 110 days

Area: 4 acre

Characteristics of variety:
            The century old Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute at Aduthurai released a new paddy variety ADT 53 this Pongal season.ADT 53 is a short (110-115 days) duration variety that could fit well in the Kuruvai and Kodai seasons in the delta districts and Sornavari/ Navarai seasons in the rest of the districts in the State.It is also a contingent samba variety that could be cultivated when there is a delay in canal water release beyond October, to enable farmers to harvest the crop before closure of the dam.

            This new release (ADT 53), which has been derived from a ADT 43 and JGL 384 cross, and developed through pedigree selection by combining the yield and grain quality, therefore assumes significance.It was tested across locations with the culture name AD 07073 (at the stage prior to release as a variety). In the 242 locations field tested across districts in Tamil Nadu, this variety in the pre-release stage recorded mean productivity of 6,334 kg/hectare. The average yield was found to be 10 per cent higher than the ruling ADT 43 and 14 per cent over CO 51. At Alanganallur in Madurai District, this variety recorded the highest grain yield of 9,875 kg/ ha, depicting its highest yield potential. Yield apart, ADT 53 is rich in Zinc (26.1 ppm (parts per million) and Iron (14.70 ppm), Non lodging compact plant type, medium slender rice with high milling out turn(65%), cooked rice is white with intermediate amylose, moderately resistant to blast, sheath rot, stem borer and leaf folder.