The final year students have to undergo RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience) Programme which comprises of ADA attachment (10 days), Village Stay Programme (60 days), NGO attachment (10 days) and Agro Industrial tie up (10 days) for the course “AEX 401 Rural Agricultural Work Experience (0+20)”. For this programme, the students have to be allotted in different blocks of different districts. Group Facilitators for each group have to be allotted for effective monitoring and evaluation. The students are expected to collect data and statistical details about the blocks and villages allotted as given below.

Village Stay Programme (60 days)

Studying Village Scenario

  • Study of rural situation – village settlement pattern, demography, climate, land utilization pattern, resources inventory, infrastructure facilities, rural institutions, organizations, groups, customs, beliefs and value systems
  • Study of cropping pattern, cropping systems, extent of adoption of latest technologies and constraints – cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds – productivity – Decline in productivity – Yield gap – Constraints in production
  • Understanding social participation, leadership pattern, scientific orientation and role of women and youth in agricultural development
  • Extension methods and Audio Visual Aids – Practicing individual, group and mass contact methods
  • Studying the existing Indigenous Technical Knowledge and its importance for technology generation
  • Conducting PRA to assess the resources
  • Understanding the communication pattern in villages
  • Studying farm women associations / farmers associations / commodity groups and learning their functioning and use of their services for dissemination
  • Conducting need based skill demonstrations in the villages
  • Developing Whole Village Development Plan


  Studying Individual Farm Holdings 

  • Contacting individual farmers to assess the farming systems practiced by marginal, small, medium, big farmers and Farm Women
  • Preparation of Individual farm plan
  • Documentation of success stories of the farmers.


ADA Attachment (10 days)

Studying Development Departments 

  • Study the organizational structure and schemes implemented by the various Development Departments
  • Study of Agricultural Department – Organization pattern, role and functions of Department of Agriculture and allied departments.


NGO Attachment (10 days)

Studying NGO 

  • Study of NGO – Roles and objectives – organizational pattern – sources of funding – extension activities of NGO – Contacting target groups
  • Study of SHG and Agri business.

Agro Industrial Tie Up (10 days)

Studying Agro-Industry   

  • Study of Agro-Industry – Nature of business – Brief history of the firm – Licensing and other legal aspects of the firm
  • Study of Production Management, Materials Management, Marketing Management and Financial Management