Department of Plant Pathology

 Plant Pathology is one of the departments in Plant Protection which concerned with crop diseases and its management. The main objective of the department is disease surveillance, detection and diagnosis of plant diseases, their cause and integrated plant disease management practices.

                            Vision of the department is to strengthen the Under Graduate students with skills in Plant Pathology, Disease forecasting, Identification of disease incidence symptoms and motivating the students to help farming community by prescribing possible recommendations. Hand on training to Mushroom production and non-chemical control of plant diseases. Commercialization of Mushroom production and Biocontrol agents mass multiplication.

                           The department is highly equipped with advanced laboratorial instruments like compound microscope, stereomicroscope, colony counter, microwave oven, pH meter, water bath, incubator, autoclave, laminar air flow chamber, ELISA and PCR. The various charts have been displayed outside and inside the department gives the glimpse of the symptoms and nature of damage of diseases on various crops, which gives the visual evidence for the farmers visiting the department.

Pathology Courses.