About Us

About ACAR

Agricultural growth is an important step towards national economic development and transformation. However, the new challenges facing Indian agriculture in today’s more globalized environment have led some questions whether conventional wisdom about the role of agriculture in development is still applicable. Since agriculture constitutes a large share of national output and employs a majority of the labour force, the sector has been integral part national development.


To make Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research an excellent Agriculture College in India by 2020 – a place that is intellectually stimulating and academically rewarding with sustainable competitive advantage in all its activities.


The Mission of the College is attained by committing to excellence in Agriculture education, Research and Development with regular interaction with industries, with a holistic concern for values, ethics, environment and society.

Quality Policy

ACAR is committed to develop skills, knowledge and right attitude among students to meet the expectations of Industry, Parents and Society with continual improvement through dedicated team work.

Objectives of the Institution

The three-fold objective of this agriculture college is

    • to impart education in different branches of agriculture, horticulture and allied sciences,
    • to encourage research in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, floriculture and allied sciences,
    • to extend the benefits of such sciences to rural people.


ACAR further aims

  • To promote and encourage the development of Agriculture and Horticultural crops in this potential district.
  • To extend Agriculture & Horticulture additional services, advancements in technology to rural people of this district.
  • To strengthen the farming system of this district, for more people to participate for  sustained growth.
  • To promote Horticulture, Sericulture and Floriculture system.
  • To impart continuous training to rural people of this district.
  • To promote area extension programme in this district.
  • To enhance horticulture production, improve nutritional security and income support to farm households.
  • To promote, develop and disseminate technologies, through a seamless blend of traditional wisdom and modern scientific knowledge.
  • To create opportunities for employment generation for skilled and unskilled persons, especially for unemployed youth.
  • To identify the needy and feasible areas taking into consideration the felt needs of the farmers.
  • To create awareness among the farmers towards the adoption of machinery.
  • To create awareness among the farmers towards the need for conserving soil and water.
  • To achieve the ambitious goal of harnessing the entire rainwater and use it for groundwater recharge and also arresting the soil erosion completely.